Who We Are

REV Staff Writer: Kendra Burdick

Kendra Burdick is a 13-year-old freshman attending Redlands East Valley High School. During her first year in digital journalism, she plans to write articles in the Arts & Entertainment section. She chose this class because she has been interested in writing since the 3rd grade. She was also encouraged to join digital journalism by her English teachers in middle school. Kendra has a great passion for writing and plans to continue this program throughout her next four years of high school. She enjoys reading and therefore named two of her four pets after some of her favorite characters, Hedwig and PrimRose. Kendra also enjoys playing the drums and being with her family. She loves to watch movies and TV shows; her favorite Disney film is Lilo and Stitch. She has two cousins that attend REV as freshmen and a little sister named Josie who is a 5th grader at Crafton Elementary. A goal she wants to accomplish throughout her high school career is to take at least one year of French class. Kendra wants to travel to France, Rome, Britain, and Ireland. 

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