Who We Are

REV Staff Writer: Emma Miller

Emma Miller is 15 years old and a sophomore at Redlands East Valley High School. She decided to take digital journalism because she is taking all honors and AP classes and wanted a fun activity to do. Miller has two siblings that also attended REV, a sister that has moved on to college, and a brother who is currently a junior. Something she has always wanted to do is travel to Brazil because she has citizenship there, her mom was born there, and she loves to travel. Her favorite places she has visited are Florence, Italy, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. This year, Miller’s goal is to get good grades in school. School is very important to her and to her siblings who she is inspired by for their hard work and passion. Some of her favorite things to do include baking, watching anime, cooking, and spending time with her family and their dog, Kimchi. Something that she wants to learn is how to make clothes. She thinks that it would be a useful skill and activity to have. If Miller could learn a skill when she was younger she would want to learn Korean and or Portuguese to be able to talk with her grandparents. Those are her grandparents’ main languages which makes it harder to communicate. Miller is a person that loves to travel, loves her family, and loves baking.

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