Who We Are

CV Chief Executive Officer: Emily Walos

Emily Walos is a current junior student at Citrus Valley High School and CEO of Ethic on the CV side. She has always loved being a voice for her community and to inform, which made journalism the right choice for her. Her journey in journalism began when she was in middle school but writing is not the only thing she loves to do. As well as being on the varsity swim team, Walos participates in theatre, AP and Honors classes, and to top it all off, is president of Jesus at Citrus, a Christian outreach program at CVHS. She also has the unique passions of vintage bike collecting as well as restoring her 1968 Camaro with her father. As it can be inferred, she is very active in her community but she is not planning on stopping there. Emily has set goals for her future including attending a four-year university, preferably the University of California, Santa Cruz or Stanford, and possibly majoring in broadcasting. Walos is committed to many things but has also said that she sometimes takes on too many responsibilities. This, however, does not bring her down as her dedication to her commitments keeps her strong and happy. Her main goal in life is to bring pride to her family name as one of the few women in her family.

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