Ahlora Smith, class of 2020

Ahlora Smith served in various leadership positions for both Ethic News and La Plaza Press. She was Arts and Entertainment editor as well as Managing Publisher and Chief Executive for Ethic News. She was the Cultura editor for La Plaza Press and one of its founding members.

Smith attended Citrus Valley High School and was on the Thespian board, ComedySportz manager, Mock Trial captain, Junior Classical League vice president, and a Link Crew Leader.

Smith says, “Journalism experience as a whole broadened my scope of general knowledge immensely! With all the different types of articles going up all the time, I got to learn so much about global and local affairs when I never would have thought to go looking for information on those topics in the first place.”

Smith is currently a sophomore in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting program at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she says, “I’m constantly pushing to be not only a better performer, but overall creator of art!”

Her future plans are to go into professional theatre in some way, be a dog mom, live in a sweet loft, eat lots of sushi.

Her message to current students is to, “Take this time to learn and broaden your horizons! Write and read about topics in which you may not have previously been interested!”

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