Friday Fight Night: War of the Hulks


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Note: This particular article will focus on the vast number of Hulks that have appeared throughout the Marvel Comics. 

Fans that prefer watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the big screen are often oblivious to the fact that there is much more in store for the future. The Marvel Comics have always been a reference line for Marvel’s films and television series. Recently, Marvel Studios revealed through the Disney+ platform that the universe we know and love is expanding. 

There are many options that Marvel Studios can use from the comics and adapt into the cinematic canon such as Civil War II, Marvel Zombies, Secret Wars, Avengers Vs. X-Men and many more. One such idea is the introduction of the Hulks. To name a few, there is She-Hulk (who is getting her own Disney+ series sometime in 2022), Red Hulk and Maestro.

She-Hulk was born Jennifer Walters. After having lost large amounts of blood from a bullet wound, Bruce Banner, who is actually Walters’ cousin, donated some of his for a blood transfusion. Before this, however, he had been exposed to gamma radiation. With his blood in her veins, Jennifer Walters could also transform into a Hulk, becoming She-Hulk by night and a lawyer by day.

Red Hulk is Thaddeus Ross, the Secretary of State who appears in “Captain America: Civil War” and tell the Avengers to either work under government supervision or become vigilantes. It is not yet clear whether he will make an appearance as Red Hulk in the MCU, but the fact that his character is already there is exciting. Red Hulk was born from gamma radiation and cosmic rays for the purpose of fighting the original Hulk on equal terms, as the government believed the Hulk was too dangerous to be left to his own devices.

Maestro is an alternate version of Hulk from another reality that personifies his much darker side. After the Earth was destroyed by nuclear fallout, Maestro was able to absorb tons and tons of gamma radiation, greatly magnifying his strength. He was able to defeat every hero and villain on Earth, and even made a trophy room where he keeps his grisly souvenirs. This menacing alter ego of Bruce Banner could be introduced in some way by Doctor Strange or maybe in the new “Multiverse of Madness” film coming sometime in 2021.

Image result for marvel maestro trophy room

Scene found in the Marvel comic “The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect,” which was released in 1992. Maestro’s trophy room is full of souvenirs he kept from those who fell victim to his wrath (Photo provided by 13th Dimension).

Round #1: Strengths

She-Hulk is said to be able to lift “at least 75 tons” and is “impervious to injury, pain and disease,” according to the Marvel Directory. Over the years, She-Hulk has been exposed to more and more gamma radiation, increasing her strength levels every time. Apart from her transformation, Walters is also a skilled martial artist.

Red Hulk, at base level, is stronger than the Hulk. In “World War Hulks #1,” it took the combined efforts of Hulk and Thor to match Red Hulk’s power, but even then they were both defeated. Over time, however, Red Hulk could find himself at a disadvantage from his clear, distinguishable trait that sets him apart from Bruce Banner.

As crazy as it sounds, Maestro is capable of resurrecting himself through gamma radiation. Other than his massive strength level, Maestro has also gone toe-to-toe with heroes like Wolverine, Thor, Hulk, Sentry and Nova.

Round #2: Weaknesses

Extended or excessive exposure to radiation in her normal, human form can limit Walters’ ability to transform at will. If she is angry enough, she could overcome this limit, but at the cost of great pain and the possibility of death.

Unlike the Hulk, Red Hulk does not become stronger through anger. Instead, he emits heat, which can be fatal if unstable. In order to become stronger than he already is, Red Hulk must absorb some sort of radiation.

Maestro’s only known weakness is his ability to resurrect himself using gamma radiation. When he does, he becomes useless and unable to move. In this case, his enemies can use this to their advantage and finish him off for good.

Round #3: Accomplishments

In the comic “Avengers: Disassembled,” She-Hulk went on a rampage because of Scarlet Witch’s magic, attacking her own teammates and even managing to rip Vision in half. In the comic “Avengers #8,” Walters gained a massive power-enhancement from a Celestial. It was later revealed by Doctor Strange that her “powers have skyrocketed.” Later to be seen in Marvel’s “Eternals” coming sometime in November of 2020, the Celestials are powerful beings capable of wiping out entire planets. 

In “The Incredible Hulk #12,” Red Hulk once stole the Silver Surfer’s Board, which is filled with all sorts of cosmic powers. Rulk, as they say, is also known for stealing weapons during fights, such as in “The Incredible Hulk #5,” when he had stolen Mjolnir from Thor in a weightless environment and beat him to a pulp.

Maestro’s trophy room is an accomplishment within itself. He was able to take down a vast array of heroes and villains and collect their signature items as prizes. Most notably, Maestro has Mjolnir on display, as well as the helmet of Magneto and Nova and the skeleton of Wolverine.

Now that the statistics have been given, the question could be answered: Who would win in a battle of the Hulks? Could the planet even handle this fight in the first place? What other characters would you like to see introduced in the MCU?

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