Quade Bielinski spreads positivity at Citrus Valley


Quade Bielinski, a junior at Citrus Valley, tries to make others feel at home on campus with his positive attitude on Mar. 3, 2020 at Citrus Valley High. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)

Quade Bielinski, a junior at Citrus Valley High School, is well known around campus for his positive attitude and friendly demeanor. He always seems to find a way to engage with new people and actively get to know others. Bielinski is a huge contributor towards making the campus a friendlier place. 

Despite hardships in his childhood, Bielinski explains that his past has taught him to be the person he is today: open and easily relatable.

Bielinski shares that he has not always been this affable and he moved around a lot as a kid. Bielinski said, “I was really shy when I was little and didn’t really talk to anybody,” making it hard to befriend others. Bielinski found that “the secret formula for being everyone’s friend” is making jokes and overall having fun.

“Everything that has happened in our lives has changed and formed us in some way,” said Bielinski. “I wouldn’t change anything honestly, I would leave my life the way it is…because I always find a way to be happy.”

He would like to remind us that “some people just need to learn to laugh,” as he views shared laughter as a way to uplift others, including himself. He frequently uses this method and brightens others’ day on the daily, always looking for a reason to be happy.

Despite being in the Cadet Corps program at Citrus Valley, Bielinski does not plan on enlisting into the military. Although he has considered this option, Bielinski expressed that he is looking for a profession that is more impactful on the community such as a firefighter or youtuber. 

“Markiplier [a popular Youtube personality] is a big inspiration for me,” said Bielinski. “He’s one of my role models. He is always having a good time and even if he’s not, he makes jokes which make other people’s day better.”

Bielinski also enjoys participating in extracurriculars such as beginning mens choir, JV volleyball, and assistant teaching for the intermediate drama class. Bielinski will also play the part of King Triton in Citrus Valley’s upcoming play production of “The Little Mermaid.” 

Due to Bielinski’s many involvements, he has the opportunity to bring smiles to many different faces. Quade Bielinski’s attitude shows that no matter a person’s background, it is always possible to put positivity into the world and help make the campus a happier place. 

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