Wildcats soccer player Breanna Murillo talks about the legacy she hopes to leave


Redlands East Valley High School Senior, Breanna Murillo, has been playing soccer since the age of four. Murillo is now 17 years old. Along with being a soccer star, she is also a fashionista who in fact has just won the best dressed girl hagar award for her senior class.

As a young girl, Murillo played for a beginner league, American Youth Soccer Organization. When she turned 10, she began to play for a high level soccer club known as Legends IE. Now she is currently playing center mid-field for Redlands East Valley High School Varsity soccer.

Murillo is pictured advancing down the field in hopes of scoring a goal. She is wearing jersey number 21 and a neon green pre-wrap headband. (Photo credit Murillo’s family)

When asked about  the REV Varsity soccer season, Murillo said, “we could’ve done better in certain games but we didn’t and it was disappointing.” REV suffered a great loss from Citrus this year, which was a good wake up call and encouraged them to work harder in order to be back to back CBL champions this year. Although the team was stronger last year, they still won CBL this year, so it ended well.

Murillo has fallen in love with soccer because she has made so many great memories and met some of her best friends. She still talks to them today because she was on the various teams.

She does not plan on playing soccer in college, being that she has played her whole life, she plans on focusing solely on school after she graduates high school, but she is going to finish the season with her club team.

Her greatest accomplishment while playing soccer includes receiving many offers from various colleges with varying divisions. Although she does not wish to pursue those offers, she is grateful and happy that she would be good enough to play.

Breanna Murillo plans on attending Cal Poly Pomona to double major in nutrition and fashion design. She also plans on becoming a nutritionist, owning her own vegan restaurant or organic market, and having her own fashion line.

Murillo’s unique style is pictured in this photo. She thrifted everything here with the exception of  her shoes being from a 90s brand called Delias. Her skirt is from Princess Polly Boutique and her shirt and shoes are Vintage Demonias. (Photo credit to Murillo)

The legacy Murillo hopes to leave at REV is to be an individual who keeps pushing to be the best you can be.

Featured Photo: Here Murillo is pictured shooting the ball. She is wearing an East Valley jersey with a green pre-wrap headband. (Photo credit Murillo’s family)

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