A&E hangouts: The Cookie Plug swaggers its way into Redlands


A half-stack of The Cookie Plug’s “phatties,” which is a collection of seven flavors of the customer’s choosing. (Ahlora Smith/Ethic Photos)

Despite recent health and exercise crazes, a new cookie bakery opened its doors in Redlands during November of 2019. This establishment has quickly become famous for its hockey puck-sized cookies, or “Phatties,” and its old-school rap theme.

Both the interior and exterior of the shop have graffiti-adorned decor complete with splashes of neon that are typical of the 90’s hip-hop aesthetic. Inside, there are parodies of popular hip-hop songs that have been twisted to match the dessert-centric establishment, creating entertaining puns for those who are familiar with the songs. There are no seating areas at the location, so the cookies hold more of a grab-n-go label.

Patrons can choose from any of a dozen uniquely-titled cookie flavors to consume for $4, or they can mix and match multiple cookie types into one of the shop’s many package deals.

On top of the package deals, The Cookie Plug has different deals for every day of the week, so there’s always an extra layer of savings whenever one gets a craving.

The bakers have done an excellent job at perfecting the cookies’ consistency as they remain decadently moist and chewy despite their significant size.

Aside from its ginormous cookies, the shop also sells “Purple Drank,” a fresh lemonade that has been dyed purple, as well as keto-friendly cookies for all the dieters of the community.

Since the shop has only recently opened, the menu is quite minimal, although its potential to expand is quite optimal. Its low-traffic location just off of State Street may call for some overshadowing concern, but the treats are projected to succeed long into the future.


Location: The Cookie Plug

Address: 501 E Citrus Ave., Redlands, CA

Group size: Individual, pairs or small groups

Pet friendly: Nothing openly against them, but furry friends should probably stay outside

Price Range: $4-$30

Overall rating (out of 5): 4.5 phatties

One thought on “A&E hangouts: The Cookie Plug swaggers its way into Redlands

  1. Hi we would like to bring to your attention that this business is engaging in unethical practices they have over 60 complaints from different current and former employees of sexual and labor abuse .

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