Blackhawk boys basketball ends its season with a bang


 Citrus Valley High School’s varsity boys basketball team took on the Redlands Terriers on Jan. 29, 2020. Captains Devin Smith and Daniel Melero led the team towards victory, coming a long way as the team acquired a record of 7-8. Sophomore Jacob Taylor started off the game with a jump ball and the ensuing match was full of excitement as the first player to score was Citrus Valley junior Nate Coppi with an impressive three-pointer. 

Devin Smith, senior and varsity captain, attempts a closely contested shot inside the paint against Redlands High School, Jan. 29, 2020. (Emily Blomquist / Ethic Photo)

The players demonstrated their skills on the court as the first quarter was characterized by Coppi making a total of three three-pointers, and Melero shooting two three-pointers. Through it all, the crowd was on the edge of their seats, wholly invested in the outcome of the game and its victors. The second quarter was just as exciting as the first; Devin Smith ran onto the court and immediately scored a layup for the Blackhawks. As the game was heating up, Coppi got shoved, which gave him two shots at the free throw line, making the foul count for the second quarter six fouls for CV and one foul for RHS.

The third quarter started strong: the score was 33-24 for the Blackhawks and the team’s  communication was at an alltime high. Coppi made another three-pointer, Smith shot a two-pointer, and with three seconds left Taylor landed a layup, ending the quarter with a score of 52-40 for CV. Though RHS was only down by 12 points and had a chance to make a comeback, the Blackhawks’ defense was too strong. The game ended with Arnold Henrico scoring a layup that made the final score 73-61, a win for the Blackhawks.

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