Q&A: Wildcat Career Readiness Specialist discusses goals for program


Everyday Norma Nuno works with several students at Redlands East Valley High School helping them prepare for their careers and take necessary steps to ensure success. Nuno works with the Regional Occupational Program , and she oversees ROP ambassadors. Whether you need to know how to prepare for an interview or you just want someone to talk to Nuno is always there and willing to help.

Aaleyah Winslow, Ethic staff: What is your full name and position?

Nuño: Norma Nuno and I am a career readiness specialist.

Norma Nuno is pictured helping a student write a resume, for her first job, in the Career Center at Redlands East Valley High School. (Aaleyah Winslow/ Ethic Photo)

Winslow: How long have you done this?

Nuño: I’ve been working at Redlands East Valley for 5 years and 6 years for the ROP program.

Winslow: What schooling did you get to do this?

Nuño:I went to UCR and completed the Bachelors in child development, then I got my Masters in human development from Pacific Oak College in Pasadena.

Winslow:What inspires you to do this?

Nuño:I love the fact that I can help young adults pursue their careers because as a young adult myself I never had that opportunity. I walked into higher education blindfolded and it’s the scariest feeling but having the resources and giving students that sense of relief is the greatest feeling in the world.

Winslow: What does CRY ROP stand for?

Nuño: CRY means Colton Redlands Yucaipa and the ROP is regional occupational programs

Winslow:What is CRYROP’s mission?

Nuño:Our mission is to prepare young adults for a career either a technical or trade school. It’s just more like hands on, so we’re more industry based. We have mental health class, and then we have cyber security, video production, manufacturing, personal fitness trainer, and we have the student store as well.

Winslow: Who should take these classes?

Nuño:Everybody because why not?All students should be advised about ROP classes.

Winslow: Why are these classes encouraged?

Nuño:I believe ROP classes are like old school classes. You know back in our day, we had all these hands on classes, like we used to have babies that would come home with us with computers in them. These classes give you real life experiences that one day come in handy.

Winslow:How does an ROP class put one ahead from other students who are not in an ROP class?

Nuño: We prepare you for the outside world. We teach students how to do resumés, how to dress for a job interview, how to do interviews for a job, and how to follow up after you’ve completed the interview. Besides helping you with job resources, our ROP classes are also articulated, meaning that when students complete and successfully pass the class they receive free college credits.

Winslow:What is the most exciting part of ROP?

Nuño: The most exciting part of ROP are our Ambassadors.

Winslow:Where are these classes offered?

Nuño:They are offered in each high school. That’s why we are called Colton Redlands Yucaipa because it’s all the regions from Colton to Yucaipa.

Winslow: What is an ROP ambassador?

Nuño:An ROP ambassador is a representative of ROP, so they are the face of the program.

Winslow: What are the advantages of being an ambassador?

Nuño: ROP Ambassadors gain resources and you get to network a lot. They attend lots of leadership workshops where they gain social skills and at times, even get hired at these conventions.

Winslow: What else should people know about ROP?

Nuño: ROP classes not only give students free college credits but sometimes help students find their true passion. They get to test the waters to see if that’s what they really want to do when it comes to their careers.

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