News brief: Coronavirus becomes a world health emergency


The Coronavirus has officially been named a health emergency throughout the world, declared on Thursday, Jan. 30 by the World Health Organization. The virus has spread to multiple nations across the globe, including China, Thailand, Mexico and the United States. The death toll has now “increased to 427 people and is expected to increase” reported by the New York Times.

Redlands East Valley math teacher, Jorge Cecilio answers whiteboard questions. (Alyssa Ornelas/ Ethic Photo)

The United States has quarantined any incoming passengers from Chinese flights to the United States. They are checked upon entry and kept in quarantine for at most 14 days to be tested. The CNBC reported “if they do not show any symptoms they will be released. Ever since the breakout there has been a total of 11 cases in the United States from California to New Hampshire”. 

The recent breakouts of the virus have caused much questioning on what must be done to protect ourselves. The virus has no known cure which causes a sense of fear. CNN reported “WHO has been trying to find new ways to keep it contained but it has been proven to be uncontrollable.” This has caused it to become a world health emergency which can affect almost anybody within any nation.  

Citrus Valley High School counselor Tony Wood suggested visiting the Johns Hopkins interactive map to track the coronovirus in real time:

Featured Photo: At Redlands East Valley on Thursday, January 30 during sixth period, Dr. Melissa Cartagena answers whiteboard question. (Alyssa Ornelas/ Ethic Photo)

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