Opinion: Lionel Messi: the best player in the world


As a result of his many accolades and accomplishments, Lionel Messi, an Argentine professional footballer who plays for both Spanish club Barcelona and the Argentina national team, is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. (Ricardo Ramos / Ethic Photo)

There’s no doubt that Lionel Messi is the best player in the world to many across the world; Citrus Valley High School is no exception. Jeamil Haboud, a senior at Citrus Valley, remarked that “[Lionel’s] consistency with FC Barcelona through the years is insane,” and “it seems like he’s the only player on the field for them with the way he dribbles past everyone…it’s something we’ve never seen before.” Lionel Messi is out of this world and this fact is not only reflected in public opinion, but also in Messi’s long list of accomplishments.

Lionel Messi has just won his sixth Balon d’Or football award. Messi the only soccer player to win six Balon d’Or awards, beating his rival Cristiano Ronaldo who has five, and finished one of his best seasons with 51 goals and 19 assists. But the debate continues on who is the best player in the world, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? My answer is the one and only Lionel Messi.  

Not only does Lionel Messi have six Balon d’Or, but he also has six European Golden Boot awards, one Best FIFA Men’s Player title and five FIFA Puskás awards. Lionel Messi has been playing with Football Club Barcelona his whole life, starting with the academy team and then making his debut in a preseason game against Porto at the age of 17. Additionally, Messi has won ten La Liga titles with FC Barcelona, four UEFA Champions League titles and six Copas del Rey awards. In the light of all these accolades, Messi seems to have a master class of trophies, but he is still missing one crucial achievement: a World Cup.

Messi is the top goal scorer in Argentina’s history, surpassing Diego Maradona by 36 goals. In 2014, Argentina and Messi had the chance to take home the World Cup when they faced Germany in the finals and, although Messi had one of his best performance, the team still lost to Germany with a score of 0-1. The loss left Messi without an international trophy but with a Golden Ball award instead for his brilliant performance throughout the tournament.

The way Messi moves the ball, the way he dribbles, it’s an art form to watch. Messi is able to dribble past professional players like it’s nothing and he’s on a different level than everyone else. Announcers and commentators constantly note that Messi exists in a different class than others known as the “Messi Class.” He is such a joy to watch and a perfect example of sportsmanship for kids since he does not dive when he gets touched or tripped; coaches and players agree that he is the greatest player of all time and there will be no one like him.

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