Opinion: The “Ok Boomer” phrase takes over the internet


The “Ok Boomer” phrase, which was introduced through social media in the fall of 2019, has become quite popular among the younger generations of our society. “Ok Boomer” is a passive-aggressive insult used by younger generations to mock and dismiss an action or statement made by an older person that is considered “outdated” or “not in the loop.” 

It started to gain traction after an unnamed man in a Baseball Cap posted a Tik Tok claiming that “the Millennials in Generation Z have the “Peter Pan Syndrome”– they don’t ever want to grow up.” He argued that Millennials would go into adulthood expecting for their “utopian ideals from their childhood to translate” into society.

It seemed like that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, for the video sparked a mass-response from other users, where they used the audio as a background while they either listed the economic and societal problems caused by Baby Boomers, or they created a project that simply said “ok boomer.”

On Twitter, a user by the name of “Ok Boober” posted a screenshot of his girlfriend [@ok_girlfriend on Twitter]’s spot-on explanation of why “Ok Boomer” gained as much traction as it did:

This explanation hit the nail on the head. For years, older generations have dumped their problems onto millennial’s backs and have expected them to fix them, but it is not their job.

A multitude of articles have been published in the past few years arguing that “Millennials Have Ruined [blank]” or “Millennials Have Killed [blank].” But, the research shows that our economic and political state is because of the Baby Boomer Generation. In the article “The Boomers Ruined Everything,” written by Lyman Stone, they explained that the reason for why America’s policies and politics seem like they are at a standstill “is simply that Americans got older… [w]hen a society gets older, its politics change. Older voters have different interests than younger voters… excessive student debt, climate change, and low birth rates are more easily ignored.” 

People who have started to use “Ok Boomer” “is a result of the frustration of younger generations who are tired of being bullied,” says @TheGallowBoob or “Ok Boober” on Twitter. 

The “Ok Boomer” trend is a direct result of millennials frustration of being called “lazy and unproductive” from their elders, and have turned it into a “last-hurrah” attempt to shut them down with baseless insults, for the majority of so-called Boomers are unwilling to listen to reason. 

Featured Image: The TikTok app opening page on student Lilian Mohr’s phone. (Lilian Mohr/ Ethic Photo)

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