A&E Brief: Disney + app reconnects students with childhood favorites at low cost


Disney came out with their version of Netflix, called Disney Plus, on Nov. 19. It has family-friendly content ranging from Disney classics to the newest Marvel movies. 

Disney Plus costs $7 a month or $70 a year, which is almost half the price of HBO or Netflix and just exceeds the cost of Hulu. Disney annual passholders can purchase it for only $2. This makes it the second cheapest streaming program thus far. 

Alison Bradshaw, a sophomore at Redlands East Valley High School, shows the new Disney + app and movies. (Amelie Palacios/ Ethic Photo)

Disney fans, along with many others, are very excited for the launch of this streaming program. This program includes widely known shows like “The Simpsons,” along with spin offs of very popular Disney and Marvel movies, including “High School Musical,” “Monsters Inc.,” “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Star Wars,” and a new animated “Marvel What If…?” series. 

With the topic of Disney plus going around, many long time fans who grew up watching the Disney originals are ecstatic for this new arrival. Isha Saifie, sophomore at Redlands East Valley, said it makes her “feel happy and is way better than Netflix.”

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