Giving Thanks Luncheon celebrates Citrus Valley’s teachers


A selection of foods available for consumption on Thanksgiving Day. Groups of people join together annually and serve themselves food similar to this spread. (Craig Adderley/Pexels)

Every school year each Associated Student Body (ASB) member gets the opportunity to invite a teacher of their choice to the annual Giving Thanks Luncheon. The luncheon is hosted in the staff workroom at Citrus Valley High School. ASB members handmake invitations to deliver to their teacher the week before the event, which was on Nov. 21.

The Social Commissioners of the ASB class not only organized and prepared for the lunch, but also delegated which student donated what for the lunch. Thus, each ASB member was required to invite a teacher, donate the necessary food and make a decorative appreciation letter on a brown paper bag. 

On the day of luncheon, each ASB student waited anxiously for their teacher to arrive so they could then join the line for food. The feast was separated into two trains of buffet tables, each with the classic turkey, ham, stuffing and Thanksgiving sides. There was music and placemats for every person that arrived. Once everyone got their food and sat down, the students took turns standing up and explaining why they were thankful for their teacher. Once the lunch was over, the students grabbed their appreciation letters and presented them to their teachers. The luncheon represents the celebration and appreciation for all that Citrus Valley’s teachers do on a daily basis for their students and the school as a whole.

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