Wildcat math department crushes canned food drive, donates over two tons

Sophomore Carson Marich, assistant social commissioner, and sophomore Delila Davis, co-multicultural commissioner, assist in retrieving cans from each math classroom at Redlands East Valley High School on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019. Associated Student Body members spent fourth period collecting the over 5,000 cans of food from the various math classes on campus. (Alyssa Ornelas/ Ethic Photo)


The math department’s annual canned food at Redlands East Valley High School officially ended on Thursday, Nov. 21. Between students from all grade levels, teachers from other departments and staff members, the math department set a new school record with 5,692 donated items, which came in at a hefty total of 5019.6 pounds. 

The teachers of the math department participated to make it a friendly competition and inspire more contributions from everyone involved. 

REV Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor and AP Calculus teacher, Matt Fashempour was directly involved in organizing the food drive and noted, “It proved pretty effective because we actually set a record for how much we collected this year. We broke last year’s record which was a record breaker from the year before … We collected 5,296 items. It was 5,019.6 pounds of food.”

Cory Ford (left), sophomore vice president, Chance Chavez, media commission, and Tara Osborn organize cans in the ASB classroom during fourth period on Thursday, Nov. 22, 2019 at Redlands East Valley High. (Alyssa Ornelas / Ethic Photo)

All of the donations went to the Redlands Family Services Assocation that serves the city of Redlands and surrounding communities.

Doug Porter, REV AP Statistics and Math I teacher, said, “It’s a really good way to give back during the holiday season. The competition can get a little vicious, but it’s fun.”

Senior Peyton Topoleski (left), hospitality commissioner, and JB Goebel, freshman representative, carry canned goods across K-building halls, Nov. 21, 2019 at Redlands East Valley High. (Alyssa Ornelas / Ethic Photo)

The winning teacher was Mike Brougiere and his 155 students, who together collected over 2,000 food items. Juliann Ford, REV Math III Honors and the runner-up, collected almost 1,000 cans.

Fashempour said, “I think it was a really great competition. It always seems to bring people to the next level and when the students and teachers can see who’s leading and how many cans they have, it just ups the ante a little bit.”

One of Brougiere’s winning strategies was recruiting teachers from other departments to contribute to the food drive. Students also heard school-wide announcements via the daily bulletin that encouraged everyone to help donate for the holidays, and deliver any canned goods to Brougiere’s classroom in K-218.

Seniors Kaliece Hall and Tara Osborn, executive president and executive secretary of the ASB, roll carts of cans out to the parking lot to load into trucks on Nov. 21, 2019 at Redlands East Valley High. (Alyssa Ornelas / Ethic Photo)

Chad Golob, REV Math II Honors and Math III teacher, said “It’s a healthy competition, but Broguiere cheats.”

For winning the competition, Mike Brogiere’s classes will receive a big lunch on December 4. The luncheon will consist of Jersey Mikes and pies, to name a few.

Wildcats load cans into trucks for donation, Nov. 21, 2019 at Redlands East Valley High. (Alyssa Ornelas / Ethic Photo)

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