Friday Fight Night: Wonder Woman v. Captain Marvel


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NOTE: This match will refer to the comics for both heroes, as well as their appearances in films.

Throughout fiction, there have been many beings with extraordinary abilities that set them apart from others. Some have the power to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, travel at the speed of light or even smash their way through intergalactic spaceships without a scratch. Two heroes that fall into this category are Diana Prince and Carol Danvers, otherwise known as Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe had finally introduced Captain Marvel in a solo film that was released early 2019. According to President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, Captain Marvel is the “most powerful hero introduced” to the MCU. While Danvers is no god, she has the potential to defeat some of Marvel’s most infamous villains all on her own.

Speaking of gods, Diana is the offspring of Zeus and Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazon. She was born in the majestic world of Themyscira, home to the Amazons. Diana’s role and her contribution to the Justice League and the entirety of the DC Universe has made her one of the most popular superheroes in all of fiction. 

According to We Got This Covered, Marvel Studios has “already settled on Captain Marvel” becoming “leader of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.” She will be leading the charge against domestic and universal threats in the new MCU. While Diana would prefer to protect the Earth rather than destroy it, Captain Marvel would be thrilled to spar with the Goddess of Truth to test the limit of her powers.

Round #1: Powers

Wonder Woman has fought many battles in her lifetime. Although she carries a sword and shield in battle, her powers are on par with Superman and include superhuman strength, durability, agility and flight. She is capable of flying past the sound barrier. Her sword, made by Zeus himself, is known as the God Killer, which speaks for itself. 

Her golden bracelets are near indestructible and able to deflect almost anything including bullets and even Superman’s heat vision. If her bracelets get lost or removed without her consent, she will erupt in an uncontrollable state of rage. In contrast to her bracelet’s capabilities, Wonder Woman is still vulnerable to piercing and slashing attacks to her body if she doesn’t deflect them in time.

Wonder Woman is also known for carrying a golden lasso. The Lasso of Truth forces anyone caught in its grasp to tell, well, the truth. The lasso itself is indestructible, and anyone captured will have a difficult time breaking free. Very few characters have been able to escape the lasso, and Batman is one of them, which is no surprise.

On the other hand, Captain Marvel has superhuman strength and durability as well as energy-manipulative abilities. She can shoot energy blasts and absorb energy to grant her even more power. Similar to Spiderman’s “Spidey Sense,” Captain Marvel is able to sense danger before it happens.

According to Screen Rant, an online entertainment news outlet, Captain Marvel’s powers will deplete for some time if she overuses her energy. For this reason, she passively absorbs any nearby energy source to prevent depletion. 

Round #2: Greatest Feats

Wonder Woman’s extraordinary strength has definitely gone unappreciated. Throughout her appearances in comics, she was able to defeat the entire Justice League one by one. In DC’s “Rebirth” series, Wonder Woman quickly won a battle between her and Supergirl, who was said to have strength superior to that of Superman at the time. 

In the animated film “Justice League: War,” Diana holds her own against one of the Justice League’s most prominent foes: Darkseid. In both the 2009 animated and the 2017 live action “Wonder Woman” films, Diana defeats Ares, the God of War, all on her own. 

According to Screen Rant, Captain Marvel has defeated Moonstone in the comics, who was the evil version of Danvers and had the same abilities. In terms of strength, Captain Marvel can move an entire planet according to Brie Larson, the live-action actress of the character, in an interview with E! Online. While this might seem a bit far-fetched, it is possible for Captain Marvel to pull off such a stunt if she were to absorb lots and lots of energy.

While she can supposedly move a planet, Captain Marvel has never bested the Hulk in a fight. In the “Avengers: Time Runs Out” comic series, Hulk effortlessly punches her into the sky, knocking her out. However, she is still powerful in her own right. In the 2019 “Captain Marvel” film, Danvers fights a horde of opponents with power-dampening cuffs. This shows that even without her energy-based abilities, her strength shouldn’t be underestimated.

In Marvel’s “Civil War Two,” Captain Marvel gets blasted by her own energy when Iron Man redirects her attack. This gives her the chance to absorb her own energy and become even more powerful as a result, causing even everyone’s favorite playboy-genius to panic.

In “Avengers: Endgame,” Captain Marvel took a punch point-blank from Thanos while he was holding the Power Stone. The Power Stone could easily wipe out entire civilizations and wreak havoc around an entire planet with little effort as shown in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” It is truly remarkable how one of the six infinity stones had to be used to remove Danvers from the playing field, especially since she showed up afterwards completely unharmed.

Round #3: Trump Cards

With enough energy absorption, Danvers can activate her Binary form, which essentially gives her cosmic powers. In this form, she can manipulate “heat, light and radiation,” according to Screen Rant. She also gains the ability to control gravity itself.

Although this form has appeared very rarely in the comics, it was shown in the live action film. Her power is doubled, and she can even generate her own energy along with the ability to manipulate it. This gives her a temporary infinite supply of energy. However, Wonder Woman is known to be resistant to heat and radiation throughout the DC comics.

Despite what many believe, Wonder Woman still has much to show in her arsenal of abilities. According to Comic Book Resources, Diana has the power to convert her “brain power into physical power” to give her an edge in battle, teleport through dimensions and regenerate her wounds rapidly. These abilities seem to only be known by die-hard Wonder Woman fans.
Now that the final statistics have been given, the question can now be answered: who would win in a fight between Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel? Throughout their history, both heroes have grown from being highly underestimated to becoming two of the strongest heroes in fiction. Undoubtedly, both have proved themselves to be hardcore in their comic book appearances and in their respective films. The winner of this battle remains up to you, the reader.

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