Redlands East Valley’s new assistant principal advises perseverance to all students


Even before his position at REV, Batres has had some kind of involvement with REV as he has had family members who have attended the school for the past 8 years. Batres has lived in Redlands for the past 10 years and with that, his children have all had their educational career within the Redlands Unified School District. 

Rick Batres is the newest assistant principal at Redlands East Valley High School, but this isn’t his first job in education. Currently, Batres is in his 24th year in education.

Fifteen years were spent in teaching and his longest time teaching was at Rialto High School and he was an administrator in different sites in the Rialto School District for nine years as an assistant principal, across the middle school and high school levels.

As an assistant principal, Batres will help students, have conversations with them, listen to them and advise them. He does not plan on changing things at REV. “I only want to observe before I try to incorporate anything,” Batres said.

So far, Batres loves the job of being an assistant principal as he is able to create relationships with the students, staff and parents. “The energy here is really, really cool,” Batres said. “You can feel it is a learning institution. You can feel learning occurring on this campus. It’s absolutely exciting to me.”

Rick Batres arrives early to Redlands East Valley High School each morning to get ready for the day and to have meetings with students or staff members when needed. In the half hour before the first bell rings, Batres leaves his desk to greet students and staff at the school’s main entry. (Mauricio Pliego / Ethic Photo)

Originally, when Batres was in middle school and high school, he loved to play sports and hoped one day he would be able to coach students and to stay involved with sports and to give back to the community. He would later on go to Cal State San Bernardino to become a teacher in hope that he would one day be a coach and consequently received his degree in physiology.

Since college, Batres has had the same quote in mind: “Always persevere, as the different ups and downs in life will get you where you want to be, if you persevere.” This allowed him to keep moving forward even in hard times and he would like to spread this quote to the students at REV.

He stated that his family is his motivation to keep moving forward and to keep trying his best in both his job and life. The idea of building relationships with students and staff is another plus for him that he sees as a main part of his job. He believes this creates a positive impact on himself and the school. He also feels that the Redlands Unified School District is mainly based on the idea that “we are all family” or connected in some way. 

Batres has most of his family within the district, either as teachers, staff members, or even students. For example, his wife, Kelly Batres, is a teacher at Moore Middle school and Zoe Batres, his daughter, is a current freshman at REV. Both Zoe and Rick Batres said they felt “a sense of security” with having family so close in the area. For Batres he would rather spend his free time with his family over anything else. 

As Batres begins his first year as an assistant principal at REV he hopes to have a positive impact on every student for the ongoing school year. He has faith in the students and believes this will be a great school year.  

Featured Photo: Redlands East Valley assistant principals Rick Batres and Ron Kroetz walk around the quad during lunch on Oct. 24, 2019. Batres and Kroetz make themselves visible and available  to speak to students on a daily basis before school and during lunch. (Mauricio Pliego / Ethic Photo)

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