New iPhone 11 causes controversy over new updates


The new iPhone model was released on Sept. 20 2019, and it comes in three forms: the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The biggest noticeable change in the newest smartphone is the camera. There is an enhanced Dual-Lense camera on the iPhone 11 and even a triple-lense camera for the Pro and the Pro Max. There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with the new set of iPhones. 

The iPhone 11, which currently is widely compared to the Iphone XR, is priced at  $699. The iPhone has some of the simplest forms of any of the other phones. The iPhone 11 has a Dual Lense Camera with ultra wide and wide lenses and a night mode for the camera. The 6.1” liquid retina display gives the phone a very realistic feel and the screen is also equipped with very durable glass. The phone also comes with a Dolby Atmos Sound system integrated into the phone. Another positive to the new phone is that it has a wide variety of color options.

Next is the iPhone 11 Pro, which is the first of the set to have a triple lense camera. The phone is next in cost to starting at $999 and only increases depending on your storage size choice. The camera similarly has night mode but also has a 2426 x 1125 resolution. The display is about 5.8” and has a Super Retina XDR OLED display which is an improvement to the iPhone X’s display. The phone comes in all of the original colors, including Gold, Space, and Gray. In additional new color is also included and is known as Silver Midnight Green.

Finally, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the largest in the set with a 6.5” display. The phone also has a Super Retina XDR and OLED display with a ratio of two million to one. The phone also comes in the same colors as the iphone 11 pro but has a matte finish, giving it a sleek texture. The iPhone was anticipated especially for its new battery life, which can last the longest of any phone in existence thus far, at  34 hours per single charge. The iphone 11 Pro Max is also the most expensive of the set, starting at $1249.

The iPhone 11 models have certain pros that may be considering when deciding which phone to buy next. The set has a tougher waterproof design along with a matte back which places them among some of the strongest phones made in recent years. The XDR screens are the brightest OLED around, which gives it  excellent contrast and color accuracy. The models all have the same A13 Processor which makes them the fastest smartphone chips on the planet. All three have excellent battery life and are equipped with fast charging. They have quality stereo speakers, video quality and stabilization across the board. The camera has excellent photo quality and video capture effects which were greatly anticipated.

Even with all these positives there are negatives to the phones which raises the argument, is the phone worth buying? The Improvements to the phone are not too much greater to the iPhones released last year, meaning they are almost similar. The models do not have a fingerprint scanner, while other companies such as Samsung have both touch identification and face identification implemented on their phones. The new set of phones also are very expensive which ruins almost any idea of owning the phone. 

A few interviews were held with people who had the new iPhone. For example, Geruardo Bravo Sintu wanted the phone for the “quality of the camera”, which is one of the most compelling components of the phone. He doesn’t see any changes to the phone other than it having a new design involving “more cameras on the back.” He originally had an “old samsung phone and loved the jump to the iPhone 11” because now he communicates with his friends and has “access to any app perks available”. To Sintu his favorite feature about the phone is the water resistance which “allows use in any water related area”.

Another interview was held with Mauricio Pliego and he “loves the camera quality and choices of color with the phone.” He also believes, just like Sintu, that the phone “does not have too many new features” as compared it to the iPhone X. Pliego also thinks the price for the phone was “definitely worth it” at a cost of $699.

Overall, there are evidently multiple advantages and disadvantages to the new set of iPhones. With their exceptional camera quality and sleek appearance, they are surely sought after. But with their high price tags and lack of fingerprint identification, some consumers may hesitate to make the switch to Apple’s new lineup of iPhone models.

Featured Photo: Featured above is the the new Iphone 11 in the color white compared to the Iphone XR in the color yellow. (Amelie Palacios/ Ethic News)

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