Opinion: AVID program makes a positive impact on Orangewood students


At a small school like Orangewood, the Advancement Via Individual Determination program has made a positive impact on students.

AVID is a college preparation program created to help students learn the skills they need to be successful for college. AVID is supposed to help low income struggling students. This program teaches you critical thinking, organization, teamwork, reading, note-taking, teamwork, and growing writing skills.   

Orangewood High School AVID students playing a game demonstrating teamwork and critical thinking. (Meccayda Gregary/ Ethic News)

According to avid.org 75 percent of AVID students are from a low economic status background and 80 percent are underrepresented students. Although students come from these backgrounds, they still outperform their peers in certain subjects. AVID is a class offered in more than 2,000 United States schools, including middle and high schools. 

Orangewood High School AVID students at a college fair at the Jerry Lewis Center learning about possible college opportunities. (Meccaryda Gregary/ Ethic News)

AVID helps struggling students and guides them to a path to success. This program also helps with study and time management skills. They can then use those skills in subjects such as advanced placement classes. According to many informational websites over 90 percent of AVID student graduates attend college. More data show that 89 percent of those students still attend college after two years. This goes to show the AVID program is effective in teaching students the skills they need to become successful in college and in daily life.  

The Orangewood High School AVID family in front of their school. (Meccadya Gregary/ Ethic News)

Students are able to prepare for college, apply to colleges that spark their interest, visit colleges and universities, receive scholarships and talk to alumni. Otherwise students may not have had the opportunity or encouragement to search for colleges or even apply. At Orangewood being involved in AVID has been very beneficial.  I have applied to colleges, been accepted to some universities and junior colleges, and also having pending scholarships.

Students learn to appreciate and adapt to their AVID “family” which is also helpful to those who want support from peers and teachers. In conclusion, AVID is a beneficial program to struggling students and minorities and has been successful in leading them to success.

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