Friday Fight Night: Gipsy Danger v. The Megazord


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NOTE: This will refer to both movies of “Pacific Rim” and all the appearances of the original Megazord (also called the Dino Megazord) in the “Power Rangers” series and films.

The phrase “there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’” hold true throughout the “Power Rangers” and “Pacific Rim” series in the form of action-packed battles, specifically in moments where the protagonists must come together to overcome obstacles. “Pacific Rim” gives something that was not asked for but needed by every viewer: robots versus aliens. While the visual effects and storyline are exciting and well-executed, “Power Rangers” has employed this idea since 1971, beginning as a Japanese original known as Kamen Rider. 

Both stories thrive on the idea that once individuals come together as one, no task is too great to handle. This idea is illustrated by the appearances of both Gipsy Danger and the Megazord, who result from the protagonists coming together as one.

The “Pacific Rim” movies introduced a new way to work as a team where two brains connect in order to work as one unit, called Drift Compatibility. On the other hand, the “Power Rangers” films do not adopt this revolutionary strategy. Rangers find it suitable to command a giant robot with trust and teamwork. In terms of battles, both Gipsy and the Zord have shown that they are ready to take on any opponent that comes their way. However, what if they came face-to-face and saw each other as enemies?

Round #1: Size

Concerning dominance, size is a significant factor in the animal kingdom. For instance, wolves are known to hold their tails high and stand tall in order to communicate dominance. Similarly, when Gipsy and the Zord come face-to-face, their difference in size will be noticed first; it will determine who will fight confidently and who will fight cautiously. A blueprint released by Warner Bros. illustrates the Gipsy Danger as standing 288 feet tall and weighing 7,080 tons. According to the Super Sentai Series from Toei, which covers everything relating to the Japanese variant of the “Power Rangers,” the Megazord is 135 feet tall and weighs 570 tons. 

Although the Megazord is smaller in size, instances where David has bested a Goliath are not uncommon. The Rangers would have to rely on teamwork and coordination for this match. 

Round #2: Weapons

The Megazord can be described as a one-person army, or better yet, a one-zord army. It is a combination of the five Zords, which are used by the Rangers as independent vehicles that have their distinguishable traits and abilities. Some of these include blasts that freeze opponents or involve flight, flaming chains, primary cannons, and even attacks that influence seismic activity.

The Megazord itself has unique capabilities that it can utilize during critical situations. Its most potent attack is a powerful slash that sends an energy wave towards its opponent, which has caused the explosive destruction of many Kaijus and created the everlasting icon of standing in front of an explosion.

Gipsy Danger, being made of modern technology, has access to plasma blasters, missiles and a sword that can extend itself into a chain-like tool. It is not much compared to the Megazord, but the battle depends entirely on how the weapons are used and overall strategy. 

Round #3: Trump Cards 

The Megazord is composed of the five significantly smaller Dinozords that the Power Rangers utilize as vehicles in battle. Similar to separating LEGO pieces, the Megazord can disassemble into the original five pieces. However, the process is time-consuming and often tricky. While this was only an idea in the show, the Rangers could potentially use this strategy to overwhelm their opponents with firepower from five different directions instead of a one-on-one battle.

In contrast, Gipsy Danger has no way of separating itself into different pieces or operating with only one pilot, as solo-piloting has a high risk of death. At the end of the first film, Gipsy explodes in a devastating explosion that supposedly closed the gate between the Kaijus, the Japanese term for “strange creature,” and Earth. This process was possible because of Gipsy’s nuclear core. 

Kyle Hill, a blogger from Scientific American, gave us an inside look at Gipsy’s nuclear reactor explosion. Hill reveals that an explosion that big would create “an enormous crater hundreds of meters wide” and would vaporize anything in its path. While this would ensure a victory for Gipsy, it would also be at the expense of its own life and the surrounding environment.

Now that the final statistics have been given, the question can now be answered: who would win in a fight between Gipsy Danger and the Megazord? In terms of absolute destruction, both have shown that they are more than ready to handle any threat. With their reputation as the protectors of Earth, both mechs would stop at nothing until all Kaijus are eliminated, and to the tune of their recognizable theme songs.

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