Friday Fight Night: John ‘Candle’ Wick v. Steve ‘Captain’ Rogers


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This is the first of a series that will pit two characters against each other in one-on-one battles from fiction using context clues and public opinion. The viewers will ultimately decide the result of the matches. 

Note: This match refers to all three movies of the “John Wick” franchise and before the events of “Avengers: Endgame,” as well as some issues of the Marvel Comics.

John Wick, a dog lover by day and assassin by night, goes up against the patriotic Avenger, Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. Both Wick and Rogers have displayed impressive techniques and strategies to utilize during battle; they are each forces to be reckoned with. While Wick has adapted to using firearms and deadly jiu-jitsu, Rogers focuses more on defeating his opponents in the least amount of blows possible by using his agility, pure strength and his vibranium shield. 

Round #1: Motivation

Wick is driven by the memory of his dog, Daisy, who was killed when burglars invaded his home. Daisy was given to him as a present from his wife, Helen, who passed away due to a terminal illness. Wick’s response to his despair is to dispose of the Russian mafia organization responsible for the burglary with a Heckler in one hand and a pencil in the other. Wick tirelessly strives to honor the memory of his wife and has acquired the name “Baba Yaga” by assassins all over the world, which translates to “Boogeyman” in Russian.

Conversely, Rogers has yearned for one last dance with the love of his life, Peggy Carter, after being frozen in ice for 66 years. Since then, he has joined the Avengers and dedicated his newfound abilities to help those who cannot help themselves. Chris Evans, who plays the role of Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, explained in a press conference that Rogers has always “put the needs of masses before his [own] desire.” For years, Rogers has used his star-spangled shield to protect those who stood with him, even after it was taken from him.

Round #2: Techniques

Wick has used several techniques against his enemies, some originating from the art of judo and jiu-jitsu. Additionally, he also uses his tactical military skills with various firearms to fight his opponents at a range. In “John Wick: Chapter Two,” Wick stumbles upon a gruesome interaction between two men that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and swiftly disposes of them with just a pencil. Wick’s arsenal of skills and strategies allows him to adapt to both short-range and long-range battles.

Rogers has also shown that he can handle himself as well as Wick, all thanks to the effects of the Super Soldier serum. With his enhanced mind and body, Rogers has access to extraordinary strength, speed, agility and senses. He uses modern-day boxing and jiu-jitsu to deliver deadly blows that can break bones. Rogers also led many battles during World War II, and can deftly use his shield as a projectile. The shield is not only made of vibranium metal; it can also deflect bullets and, supposedly, the devastating power of Mjölnir, the mighty weapon of Thor, the god of thunder, as seen in “The Avengers.”

Round #3: Weaknesses

While Wick and Rogers are both human, only one has undergone the effects of the Super Soldier serum. While this is an impressive gap between the characters, they can both still be defeated. Many speculate Rogers would probably put an end to the conflict immediately considering his past transformation. 

However, this idea is dismissed in the comic issue “The Death of Captain America,” where Rogers is ultimately dealt with by Crossbones, a rival of Rogers, and Sharon Carter, who had been brainwashed at the time. In the end, Wick and Rogers are both still mortal. But, the extensive consideration required to eliminate one of these powerhouses shows that both Wick and Rogers have a very frightening influence on their enemies.

Now that the final statistics have been given, the question can now be answered: who would win in a fight between John Wick and Steve Rogers? It is safe to assume that Rogers could easily break Wick’s bones with a single throw of his shield, but one would be foolish to underestimate the most feared assassin in fiction, as he could potentially overwhelm Rogers with excessive rounds of bullets and violent variations of jiu-jitsu. It all depends on which version of Rogers Wick stumbles upon: the symbol of America or post-Civil War. Undoubtedly, a fight between these two characters would be shocking considering that they both desire peace and tranquility, and would be much better off fighting alongside each other. Regardless, only one can be declared victorious.

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