Citrus Valley’s newest administrator, J.J. Martinez, is excited about his position as assistant principal


Assistant Principal J.J. Martinez works hard to ensure many facilities run smoothly at Citrus Valley. (Joseph Quesada / Ethic Photo)

The 2019-2020 school year marks J.J. Martinez’s 12th year as an educator in the Redlands Unified School District. Before his time in the classroom, he attended the University of Redlands where he received a degree in mathematics with a minor in physics. Martinez got his start in the educational field by subbing and teaching summer school for the district before taking a job as a math teacher at Cope Middle School. Martinez explained that the connections he develops with students, and the chance to guide them toward further education is one of his favorite aspects of teaching. “I particularly enjoy student engagement and having the opportunity to connect with the kids through education,” said Martinez. 

Before transitioning into administration, Martinez spent two years as a “teacher on assignment,” meaning he served one year as a math instructor and the other as a technology advisor. The first three years of his time as an administrator was spent at Redlands East Valley High School as an assistant principal. 

Now at Citrus Valley, Martinez is in charge of coordinating many of the everyday functions that help the school run smoothly. Martinez oversees the discipline and behavior at Citrus Valley as well as the technology programs, special education and other select areas such as the social studies department and underclassmen related matters. His main goal going forward is to cover all bases in an effort to maintain the school’s efficiency and ensure that every student on campus has a positive experience. Martinez credited his strength as an administrator to his ability to work with peers in order to address the root of issues. “Interaction among other staff and students is essential to finding the source of any problem and will always lead to further success,” said Martinez. 

Eventually, Martinez hopes to find himself back in the classroom as a teacher but, for now, he is enjoying his new position.

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