Brazil wins its ninth Copa America title


Uruguay won the most Copa America titles, following closely behind Argentina’s 14 wins. Brazil, the winner of Copa America 2019, now has 9 titles. (Ricardo Ramos / Ethic Photo)

The Copa America tournament this year had its exciting moments, its disappointing moments and its very controversial moments. Overall, the Copa America was very successful; it gave fans something to talk about this summer. The Brazilian side dealt a major blow to the opposing team. Neymar Jr. got hurt in an exhibition match against Qatar, preventing him from playing for the entire tournament. 

In Group A, Brazil took on Bolivia in the first match of the tournament, which ended in the  unsurprising result of Brazil scoring 3 points and Bolivia scoring none at all. Philippe Coutinho had an outstanding game against Bolivia, pulling away with two goals, and teammate Everton Soares scored the third goal for Brazil. In the second match of Group A, Venezuela took on Peru; it ended in a 0-0 draw. The second fixture for Brazil was against Venezuela, which also ended in a 0-0 draw. The second match for Peru was against Bolivia and ended in a 3-1 win for the Peruvian side. The third and final group match for Brazil was against Peru; surprisingly, it resulted in a win for Brazil, scoring five points in contrast to Peru’s zero. Venezuela’s final group match was against Bolivia, which resulted in a 3-1 win for Venezuela. The teams that advanced to the knockout stage from Group A were Brazil, Venezuela and Peru.

In Group B, Argentina opened up the group against Colombia and lost 0-2. Paraguay and Qatar faced each other in their first match of the tournament, which ended in a draw of 2-2. The second match for Colombia was against Qatar and ended 1-0—Duvan Zapata’s goal secured Colombia’s second win of the tournament. Argentina’s second match came against Paraguay with a 1-1 draw; Lionel Messi scored the goal for Argentina, making it his first goal of the tournament. The final group match for Argentina was against Qatar. Argentina won 2-0 and it was their very first win of the tournament, allowing them to qualify for the playoffs. Colombia’s final group match was against Paraguay and ended in a score of 1-0, making it Colombia’s third win of the tournament. The teams in Group B that advanced to the knockout stage of the tournament were Columbia, Argentina and Paraguay. 

In Group C, Uruguay opened up the group against Ecuador with a statement 4-0 win. Japan, the invitees of the tournament, played against Chile. Chile dominated with a score of 4-0. Uruguay played Japan in both of their second games, ending in a 2-2 draw. Ecuador played Chile in their second game with a 1-2 win for Chile. The last game for all teams in Group C was Ecuador vs. Japan, which ended 1-1, and Chile vs. Uruguay, which ended 0-1. Teams that qualified for the knockout stage in Group C were Uruguay, topping the group, and Chile, coming in close second. 

In the first round of the knockout stage, Brazil faced the strong Paraguay team and the match ended 0-0 in regulation time; Brazil later won on penalties and qualified for the semi-finals. Venezuela faced the struggling Argentina team, and despite difficulty throughout the tournament, the Argentines managed to pull out a win against Venezuela, ending in 2-0. The strong Columbia team faced Chile and, although the Columbians had a strong campaign in the tournament, they struggled in this match, which ended in Chile winning 4-3 on penalties. Uruguay and Peru faced off wherein Peru pulled off a surprising ending in a 5-4 win for Peru. In the semifinals, Argentina faced a very strong Brazil, a match that resulted in a 2-0 win for the Brazilians. Chile faced Peru in a very shocking match that left soccer fans across the world dismayed with a result of Peru scoring 3 goals and Chile none at all. In the grand final, Brazil faced Peru in a match that ended 3-1. Brazil’s win makes it the national team’s ninth 9th Copa America victory.

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