Open letter to freshmen from a senior: tips on self, studying and school pride


Dear Freshmen, 

So, you have started your first year of high school, and you are still trying to figure out what is going on. While high school seems unfamiliar and scary, it is nothing to stress about. Here are some tips from a senior perspective to the freshmen class of 2023.

First, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. In high school it is easy to create a fake persona to fit in. However, you will be able to find genuine friends who love you for you by simply being yourself.

Second, join clubs. Clubs come in handy in so many ways. First, they look great on college applications. Second, some do community service, which you will likely need at some point in high school. In addition, they can help you make new friends.

Third, read all of the books you are assigned in English classes. This tip hits hard. Throughout high school you will be assigned books to read like Lord of the Flies, Huckleberry Finn, and The Scarlet Letter. Then, most likely you will be asked to write essays about them. Specifically, in honors and AP English classes, you will get prompts where knowing books like the ones mentioned helps a bunch because you can reference or tie them into your essays.

Fourth, study, study, study. In middle school, for most it was easy to get by with average grades. High school, not so much. You will really see in high school how much a tests affect your grade. This is why it is essential to study for tests and quizzes as much as possible.

Fifth, see the good in people. Everyone on campus is going through different things at home. Sometimes people can be mean in school for no reason. However, you never know what they are going through which could be causing them to be this way. Instead of judging these people, be their friend and be a light to their life.

Sixth, take pride in being a part of your school and have fun. Go to football games, go to plays, go to band concerts, go to movie nights, and take advantage of all the events where you can show your schoolpride.

Lastly, stay out of drama. The reputation you make freshman year sticks with you all through high school. The things you say or do will be remembered by your peers. Always remember to treat people with love and respect. It helps to become friends with individuals who you can trust.

Featured photo caption: Senior Gael Perez (left) gives advise to freshman Nate Caliva about methods of studying. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)

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