Redlands East Valley High School

East Valley volleyball plays their first game against Chaparral


Redlands East Valley varsity girls volleyball team plays Chaparral High School in their first preseason game. REV lost in three sets: set 1: 17-25, set 2: 21-25, set 3: 14-25.

Mia Gorospe, junior outside hitter at Redlands East Valley, passes the ball sent over by Chaparral High School. (Alison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Maxeene Quiambao, senior libero at Chaparral High School, prepares to serve the ball over to Redlands East Valley. (Alison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Mary Groninger, sophomore opposite, and Ozzie Oronoh work together to block the ball from Chaparral. (Allison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Jordan Cherniss attacks the ball and secures a point. (Allison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Jordan Cherniss, junior captain and outside, serves to Chaparral. (Allison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Ozzie Ozonoh blockes an overpass after REV served. (Alison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Rian Tibbetts, senior captain and starting setter, serves the ball over to Chaparral. (Alison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Ozzie Ozonoh, junior returning middle, blocks a tight ball at the net. (Alison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)

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