East Valley volleyball plays their first game against Chaparral


Redlands East Valley varsity girls volleyball team plays Chaparral High School in their first preseason game. REV lost in three sets: set 1: 17-25, set 2: 21-25, set 3: 14-25.

Mia Gorospe, junior outside hitter at Redlands East Valley, passes the ball sent over by Chaparral High School. (Alison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Maxeene Quiambao, senior libero at Chaparral High School, prepares to serve the ball over to Redlands East Valley. (Alison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Mary Groninger, sophomore opposite, and Ozzie Oronoh work together to block the ball from Chaparral. (Allison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Jordan Cherniss attacks the ball and secures a point. (Allison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Jordan Cherniss, junior captain and outside, serves to Chaparral. (Allison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Ozzie Ozonoh blockes an overpass after REV served. (Alison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Rian Tibbetts, senior captain and starting setter, serves the ball over to Chaparral. (Alison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)
Ozzie Ozonoh, junior returning middle, blocks a tight ball at the net. (Alison Bradshaw / Ethic Photo)

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