Opinion: Everyone takes a crucial role in eliminating bullying


Bullying is becoming a nationwide problem in schools. Teachers at times do not realize what is really going on with students, which is the main reason why students are encouraged to say something. 

Bullying has been taken on by many different approaches but hasn’t really changed. Recently, it has taken form not only physically and verbally, but digitally too, which is leading to insecurity among young people. 

Many schools across the nation have tried at least one solution to fix the problem, but have not had much success and they have tried as many solutions as possible, but most have been failed attempts at doing so. Many of these schools’ possible solutions to the problem vary from programs involving to protect the victims to simply adding more adults around the school campus.

Bullying has expanded from elementary to high school level students and cyber bullying has become an infamous trend. It is even more difficult to stop because it can be done so easily and anonymously behind a computer screen and cyber bullying has become more and more widespread.

Social media has contributed to cyber bullying and has allowed it to move forward in more ways, like persistent harassment. The companies have tried to stop this from occurring but it won’t end until the victim speaks out or acts in defense.

The bullied victim must speak out for any action to be done towards the bully. Always, all those who are witnesses or bystanders must speak out for the victim. But most have become afraid, which has caused the problem to expand.

A photo of the M-Power club,  advised by Mrs. Astley, taken at Moore Middle School.. This picture was taken in late May of 2019

Schools across Redlands Unified School District have all become a “No Bully Zones” creating a sense of safety and kindness. As a result of this, throughout the schools bullying has become less of a problem. For example, Moore Middle school has a club called “M-Power”, which is meant to have a meeting every Thursday to try to find solutions to bullying on campus.

Moore P.E. teacher Michelle Astley is the advisor for the club, and she has created a sense of family within the school. She has become a major role model for the students at Moore. 

The Redlands Unified School District has created a sense of family and of kindness through M-Power club and the implementation of “No Bully Zones” it has become a model for various school districts. Other school districts within the nation should follow in these steps to finally end bullying and create a new environment for the generations to come.

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