Photo gallery: Youth Hope holds its 6th annual ‘A Day in the Park Car Show’


Kettle corn and car wax blended with the usual scent of freshly cut grass in Redlands’ Sylvan Park on the morning of September 7. The songs of Elvis and the giants of American rock and roll competed with the laughter of children darting amid the game booths and the cheerful chatter of local venders beside their colorful wares. Summer’s last hurrah was in full swing.

However, the real stars of the show were the cars. Row after row of gleaming hoods, sparkling paint and polished rims from every era covered the park’s sloping hills as a part of Youth Hope’s annual fundraising function. Proceeds from the event will go toward the nonprofit’s mission to support homeless and underprivileged youth in Redlands and surrounding communities.

1954 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)
1925 Dodge Brothers Roadster. Its owner, Ron Shelton, bought it around three years ago for reportedly $16. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)
Ron Shelton stands beside his 1925 Dodge Brothers Roadster. Shelton says “it’s fun [driving the Roadster]. A lot of people give me thumbs ups.” (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)
1965 Ford Mustang. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)
1965 Ford Mustang. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)
1967 Ford Mustang. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)
Stanch M. Wilcoxen, a graduate of University of Redlands class of ’83, displays his special car. He owns a 2007 Saleen S-281 special built by Steve Saleen himself. “Driving the car feels wonderful, it revives me. I’ve never been in the car without feeling a rush,” says Wilcoxen. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic News)
2007 Saleen S-281 signed by Steve Saleen. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)
2007 Saleen S-281. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)
1964 Shelby Cobra 427. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)
Craig Swanston showcases his 1969 Plymouth Satellite. “It’s a good cause,” says Swanston about the Youth Hope Foundation. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)

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