Negrette begins new school year as office manager at Orangewood High School


Melissa Negrette is the new office manager at Orangewood High School. She worked at Citrus Valley High School for seven years as an administration manager. Before that she also worked at the San Manuel Administration Office for nine years.

Negrette had been looking for a change and that led to her promotion at Orangewood High School. 

Negrette has a husband and two children: a teenager and a toddler. She grew up in Highland, California and still lives there with her family. She says she likes where she has grown up.

While growing up in Highland she went to San Gorgonio High School and managed to graduate a whole year ahead of her class in 2003. After high school she chose to further her schooling and went to Ashford University to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Education Administration. 

Melissa Negrette sits at her desk in the Orangewood High School main office. (Ethic photo)

In Negrette’s likes spending her free time with her family and doing some self motivating activities such as group classes at the gym. She likes to listen to all types of music, but at the moment her “go to” music is country.

She says in 10 years she hopes to still be working at Orangewood High and in 20 years she hopes to be retired. 

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