Severo joins Orangewood High School staff as new career center teacher


Deborah Severo is Orangewood High School’s new Career Center teacher. 

Prior to working for Redlands Unified School District she worked for what is now known as Accenture, as a senior consultant for their Change Management division in Connecticut. Right after that she was head of the Education and Training division of the Western region for Aetna/U.S. Healthcare. 

While working for RUSD she worked at Redlands High School, Redlands East Valley High School, and Citrus Valley High School for ten years as the Career Center Teacher. 

She said that what she likes most about Orangewood is the students and staff because everyone is very supportive. At Orangewood, she is able to do what she enjoys, which is helping students prepare for their futures. 

Severo has a son who graduated from REV. The rest of her family lives on the east coast. 

For fun, Severo likes reading, writing, painting, taking hikes and traveling. She was born in France and lived there until she was about three years old, then moved to Connecticut where she grew up. Later, she left for college in Massachusetts and New Jersey. She has also lived in Hawaii, Georgia, and Louisiana. She’s lived here in California for the past 25 years. 

During her high school years, she started at Sheehan High School for her freshman year and for the rest of high school she went to Southington High School. For her college courses she went to Mount Holyoke College for freshman and sophomore years. Then she could not afford it anymore because her parents would not complete the FAFSA forms. Severo paid for it herself. She then applied for transfer to Rutgers University and graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology. 

Severo’s favorite foods are Italian and seafood. Her favorite music is mainly groups like Imagine Dragons and One Republic. 

Severo says that in 10 years she sees herself at Orangewood High School and also she aspires to have a book of her own poetry published. In the next 20 years she sees herself retired from the RUSD. 

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