REV Staff Writer: Brooke Mgbafilike

Brooke Mgbafilike is an Ethic News staff writer, currently in her senior year at Redlands East Valley High School. She has experience in news production as she took a news reporting film class for her sophomore and junior years. This year she is excited to be an active part of Ethic and have more freedom with what she gets to produce. Mgbafilikie believes that having organizations like Ethic on campus allows students to produce content that their own generations want to see. She believes that the most important aspect of being a student journalist is being accountable for the work that they produce and being original in the news that they share. Mgbafilikie found her passion for journalism when she made a documentary about her grandmother and was inspired to keep reporting on important news in the world around her. Mgbafilikie hopes to continue her journey with journalism after high school, as she plans to apply her journalism skills to college courses and is hoping to intern at a local news station once she graduates. 

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