David Mikhail, class of 2019

David Mikhail was a freelancer during Ethic News’ inaugural year and also served as Business Manager. He attended Redlands East Valley High School.

Mikhail says of his time with Ethic News, “Working at Ethic, especially at the beginning, meant that a lot of times, we had to rise to the occasion and step out of our comfort zone to push the Newspaper forward and to collaborate with people on a different campus; it was a rewarding experience that built resilience and adaptability.”

After high school, he attended the University of California, Riverside as a Mechanical Engineering student. He is a board member of Unheard Cries, a nonprofit whose purpose is to dent Middle Eastern poverty.

Mikhail says, “Working with Unheard Cries has been an amazing opportunity to donate more than my money but also my time, my effort, and myself to a cause I find very dear to my heart.”

His message to current high school journalists is, “Be passionate and stay true to yourself and to that passion. ETHIC is a very versatile environment in that it will foster any talent, skill, or interest you might have. Use the opportunity ETHIC gives you to be happy and to do fulfilling work that you can be proud of. I was lucky to be a part of ETHIC when the original editors and founders were there; it is very much a product of love and passion; enjoy it as such, and keep it that way for the future.”

Last updated 2022

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