Photo slideshow: Wildcats reflect on the 2018-19 school year


Students at Redlands East Valley High School share thoughts on the 2018-19 school year.

“Albert is my favorite part of the school year,” says David (left). “David is my favorite part of this school year,” says Albert (right). Both students are in the PossAbilities Program at Redlands East Valley High School. (ELLA FITZPATRICK/ Ethic Photo)
“I came new to the school this year and even though it was very hard to make friends and adjust, I got used to it and overall this school is very welcoming in a way and I liked my half of a semester here at REV,” says freshman Stephanie Hayes, who came to Redlands East Valley in the middle of the school year. (ALISON BRADSHAW/ Ethic Photo)
“It was a good school year and there were a lot of good memories from freshman year. It was a very exciting freshman year,” says freshman Arnie Corpus (left). “I made a lot of new friends”, says freshman Calvin Littlejohn (middle). Pictured on the right is freshman Carlos Perez. (ALISON BRADSHAW/ Ethic Photo)
Freshman Dylan Petersen says, “This year was very difficult but being involved with clubs and sports made it really fun.” (ALISON BRADSHAW/ Ethic Photo)
Sophomore Lauren Glaub (left) says, it “was a pretty crazy year but also a good one.” “There were so many fights, everyday you walked out of class there were would be a different group of people surrounding a fight, but it was overall a fun year,” says junior Sydney Baca (right). (ALISON BRADSHAW/ Ethic Photo)
“This school year was filled with many memories” says freshman Reagan Young. (ALISON BRADSHAW/ Ethic Photo)

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