Column: A formal goodbye to Ethic News


Ethic News 2018-2019 banquet photo of Citrus Valley staff. (Courtesy of Tayfun Saglam)

I was never particularly fond of the idea of saying goodbye to the publication I had put so much time and love into. My time in Ethic may have been short, but it meant the world to me. Before joining this club, I lacked direction. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do and what I loved, but, much like me, my path seemed to be lacking a spark. Nothing seemed to click until I wrote my first article. The ability to weave words into a story that can captivate readers will forever be the most fascinating power one can wield. All of my lofty thoughts and arguments in my head had finally found a home. I had a platform that I could write in without judgment with the guidance of my friends and the editors before me.

On the topic of friends, I have met some of the most important people in my life within this family. Because at the end of the year that is what this publication has become to me: a family. A group of people that I can be with every day and still find them just as interesting and hilarious as the day I met them. I leave this publication with the knowledge that I have people I can rely on and trust, which means more to me than they could ever know. I will truly miss the daily conversations about the most obscure topics with Brandon, the shared laughs with Ahlora as someone does something foolish across the room and the endless waving contests with Gabe before someone’s arm gets too tired.

My fear for the coming years is beginning to settle in as I am leaving the comfort of a familiar system to be thrust into the unknowns of a new world. Despite that gnawing fear in the back of my mind, I can go into the rest of my life with the lessons and love that Ethic has given me. I can go forth like the dashing and courageous characters in the many books I have reviewed on this page. I leave this safe place to venture into the unknown, but never forgetting the love and happiness I found here. For that everlasting bright light in my history, I am eternally grateful.

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