Opinion: Why I believe the United States is slowly falling apart


Our country is one of incredible strength and amazing power. However, some of our systems and means of doing things are outdated and illogical for modern times. Our voting system using the electoral college, for example, was constructed in 1804, which is over 200 years ago. Modern presidential voting consists of obtaining the popular vote and using the electoral college to elect the next president. However, many people, including myself, would like to change the method of election to using only popular votes, which is the most simple and straightforward method of selection. According to a poll conducted by Civis Analytics, 62 percent of voters believe we should elect presidents based on the popular vote. In the 2016 election, this would have meant that presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would have won; however, it may not have only been the electoral college that had stopped her from securing the election.

Recently, multiple investigations have been performed on Russia and their possible probes in the 2016 election. Some believe that President Trump used these probes to his advantage to assist him in cinching his victory. If these allegations are true, American citizens and lawmakers are allowing our country’s well being to be subjected to the agendas of other countries. I believe that our obsolete voting system and incredibly vulnerable elections could be strong factors in our country’s possible collapse.

On top of outdated election methods, the country has also withdrawn from many environmental protection treaties, including the Paris Agreement. The withdraw from these agreements paint a poor image of our country and stunt efforts to maintain a sustainable planet. Without our assistance in solving environmental issues, the planet will suffer severely; however, current leadership is mainly focused on repairing our economy. Ironically, ignoring environmental problems will only cause great harm to our economy in the long run.

One of the larger and older issues in the United States is the the persistence of deep-rooted racism. The majority of this country’s racist roots spawn from the historically slaveholding South and the belief in a truly superior race held by the Confederacy in the 19th century. Along with modern confederates, the Klu Klux Klan and Neo-Nazis are still very prominent in the South and other states, clinging to reprehensible beliefs that originated in the 1800s and 1900s. Many racially charged uprisings and attacks have occured in recent years, including the Charlottesville riots of 2017 and the shooting of Antwon Rose II in 2018.

Another recent, and important, controversy is the vast difference in opinion on women’s reproductive rights, with states such as Alabama passing incredibly restrictive laws and Georgia considering similar legislation. Alabama recently introduced a law that essentially limits abortion to only circumstances that involve  “immediate death or substantial physical impairment,” according to TIME Magazine. These newly passed laws are some of the most restrictive in history, and are incredibly inhumane towards many of America’s women.

One of the more disputed topics in recent years is same-gender marriage laws. Although all 50 states allow same-gender marriage due to the Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015, some officiators and clergy members hold that same-gender marriage should not be allowed, citing personal and religious beliefs.

Beyond these polarizing points of controversy, there are also many other miniscule flaws in this country’s society and structure, though the previously stated issues take precedence. People in the United States need to learn to accept that, without unity, we will not be able to progress in the future, which could ultimately lead to our stagnation and potential demise.

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