Hill reflects on her first year in Citrus Valley’s Career Center


Kari Hill, Citrus Valley’s career center coordinator, is nearing the end of her first year in her new position. Towards the beginning of the first semester, she was asked what she was planning to bring to the student body throughout the ensuing school year. With only four weeks to go until summer, she was interviewed again to see how things have gone for her and how she is enjoying her life in the career center.

Mrs. Hill said her approach to next year is summed up as “It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, only where you are going.” – L.M. Fields (RICHARD BUNNER/ Ethic Photo)

This year, Hill put a major emphasis on getting as many kids into college as possible, and she has really pushed to instill the idea of further education as both necessary and attainable. Over the last nine months, she has worked with students to apply for colleges, prepare résumé’s, fill out the FAFSA and student aid applications, apply for jobs, submit work permit applications and help students organize and plan out their goals for the future. Hill also introduced a variety of leadership opportunities to the students of Citrus Valley, including dual enrollment programs, internship positions, work experience programs, career outreach programs and job/career fairs here on campus. This year alone she has helped countless students fulfill their future plans by pushing them to get hired and enter the workforce, apply and be accepted to colleges and enlist in the armed forces.

The career center on campus is invigorated by Hill’s positive and helpful attitude. She works each and every day to give the center a welcoming and resourceful atmosphere that pushes students to get a head start on their futures. “The most rewarding part of my job is when kids bring in college acceptance letters; it just puts the biggest smile on my face,” she responded when asked what her favorite part of her job was. “This job doesn’t even feel like a job. Every single day I work for something new, and it is always positive. I love what I do, and I love helping each and every student reach their goals after high school.” Her caring and joyous character are what makes the career center here at Citrus Valley such an inviting resource.

While the 2018-2019 school year is coming to an end, Hill is already looking towards the future with the addition of more events and resources in mind. Next year, she is hoping to devote an entire month to college-related programs and events rather than the single college week that has been done in the past. This month will be used to spread awareness about the importance of attending college and to present their resources at Citrus Valley, which will help students to venture into post-high school education. Hill’s overall goal here on campus is to eventually have every single student apply for some form of secondary education or enlist in the armed forces by the time they graduate.

At the end of one year, it is apparent that Mrs. Hill is the right fit for Citrus Valley’s career center. Her bright and enthusiastic personality helps her to work closely with students to accomplish their goals, whatever they may be. Her importance to the student body should not be overlooked as she plays a huge role in planning out many Citrus Valley students’ post-high school plans and careers. All students attending Citrus Valley should be aware of the career center and the numerous resources that are available to help them with any college or career-related tasks.

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