Exploring Citrus Valley’s infamous E-building


What’s the most confusing thing in the world? Is it why you got that B in your favorite class? That problem you had on your math homework? What about that test you took in science? Well, for Citrus Valley High School students, it’s the E-building.

Ever since the school’s opening 10 years ago, the building that holds the science and elective classes has been the most confusing part of the campus. Normally a building’s room numbers are consistent, with the numbers getting bigger and smaller at a constant rate; however, in the E-building the numbers are all randomly placed.  For example, if someone is looking for E-121 and then see E-120, the original number that person was looking for could be in a completely different section of the building.

Freshman Molly Johnson

“On my first day of school, of course I was nervous about the new school; however, I thought I would be able to navigate the halls,” stated Molly Johnson a Freshman at Citrus Valley.

As her first day continued she was “doing pretty good” and was finding her classes on time. It wasn’t until she had Biology during fifth period that a major problem presented itself. She was lost in the E-building, so she continued to wander the halls noticing that none of the numbers went in a sequence. However, after circling the inside of the building multiple times, she saw what she had been looking for.

E-building Navigation: Undetermined

The halls have always been a frightening place, especially for freshmen as it is their first year in high school and they are still adjusting. Finding a class should be one of the easiest things for students to do, but it is still a constant struggle for almost all of the students of Citrus Valley.

Sophomore Grace Holle

Sophomore Grace Holle states, “My freshman year I was about a week late and I walked into my first period biology class where they were doing a lab, so my teacher sent me to another classroom to work on some stuff I had missed, and she gave me the classroom number, but I passed it like seven times before I finally found the ‘entrance door.’ I find it funny how many doors each classroom has because I always seem to only find the one we shouldn’t enter from.”

E-building Navigation: Undetermined

Many of the rooms in the building have two entrance doors and a door connecting to the classroom across or beside it. The two entrance doors can confuse wandering students as some teachers only allow for one door to be entered from.

Senior Elisa Ordaz Turbill adds, “Freshman year I would walk around wondering why none of the numbers matched, and I walked by my classroom three times.”

E-building Navigation: Undetermined

Students have tried to come up with systems to either explain the inconsistency or to at least help navigate it; however, many have tried and failed.

According to Alexander Hilbert, a junior at Citrus Valley, the only way to try to navigate the E-building is to “just memorize it.” During his three years at Citrus Valley, he claims he has never gotten lost only due to the fact that he took the time to try and memorize the location of all the numbers.

E-building Navigation: Memorized

High school life in general can be confusing for all teenagers. With most worrying about their grades, social life or sports, Citrus students are worrying about the same as they wonder if they will be able to just find their next class.

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