People of Redlands



So I was inspired by Brandon Stanton’s project “Humans of New York” to take portraits of people and get a glimpse into their life through a question. So on March 28, I thought it would be interesting to meet some of the people of Redlands during Market Night.

Here is my adventure:

“I believe my greatest achievement in life has been working on the Saturn V rocket which went to the moon. It was like any other job, but it was nice knowing I was apart of it. I worked on constructing both the interior and exterior of the rocket. I’m 92 now and us World War II veterans are being flown out to DC and will be touring the memorials” (BRANDON SAGLAM/Ethic Photo)
“I always find joy in making art, being tactile and making things out of nothing. I like making sculptures the most, working with wood palettes and weird junkyard stuff it’s really fun for me! I get most of my inspiration, well I don’t know, but I guess my family and the things I observe around me.”
“I feel I am at a point in my life where it seems like a dark tunnel meaning I am not sure where I am and where I am headed but there is a light at the end and I will get there eventually no matter the obstacles I face.”
“My greatest goal in life would be to strive to be the person I was created to become which is, first of all, a good human being, a great husband, and a great father.”
“I usually get inspiration for my fashion from Instagram. I love following style pages, especially around fashion from the early 2000s, 90s, 70s, anything that’s cute to me. I have probably touched a lot of sides fashion from different cultures and even anime.”
“The most influential person in my life is probably Jesus Christ I am quite a religious individual and its something I come back to when I feel I need help in life”
“It’s nice selling eggs and produce to the community at an event like this because people like them. Everything was picked up today the eggs were out in the sun and from legitimately free range chickens they were not cooped up inside in a four by four pen that is why the yoke is orange and not yellow and I am proud of that.”
“We’re close friends and we met at the bar he DJs, and we typically hangout and get food. The key to having a good friendship is having the same appetites and food likes also music, movies, and entertainment. Cause the way we dress that doesn’t matter you know but if you both love Beethoven you will both get along.” (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
“I am inspired to play music by bands like Caged Elephant and the doors. The most enjoyable part of playing music for others is being out and playing I don’t really care about getting money it is just more about the experience.”
“My greatest fear is being alone” (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

5 thoughts on “People of Redlands

  1. Wow. These pictures are so good, and really expose the true diversity found in Redlands and in its people.

  2. I really love this piece! I especially liked the diversity of people included in this piece as well.

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