Redlands East Valley’s Science Olympiad Team places in several events

Top left to right: Redlands East Valley Olympiad Team advisor Emil Radoi, senior David Mikhail, senior Brad Williams, junior Sai Hosuru, senior Austin Tran, senior Matt Mikhailov, junior Trevor Matthews, senior Steven Nuno
Bottom left to right: Senior Melany Chong, junior Amanda Duong, junior Isabelle Huang, senior Bindhu Hosuru, freshman Colin Hawkins, senior Aaron Hill, senior Felicity Ko, senior Nga Nguyen


Redlands East Valley High School competed at the regional Science Olympiad competition at Ramona High School on March 2.

Science Olympiad is a competition where teams can compete in 23 different events that may consist of tests, construction and labs among other events. Events are based around different aspects of science, including anatomy, forensics, geology and thermodynamics.

There are two divisions: Division B, which consists of mainly middle schools, and Division C, which consists of high schools. Students competed for most of the day as most competed in multiple events. REV competed in several events and placed in a majority of them. The different events required several hours of preparation ahead of the competition, whether it be through studying or building models.

“I crammed the required information and did a lot of practice tests,” said Isabelle Huang, who placed in Write It Do It. “I asked someone who had competed in my event last year to help me build models to practice.”

REV physics teacher Emil Radoi, the teacher in charge of REV’s Engineering Club and Science Olympiad Team, aids members on the team by giving them advice and helping them with research.

Seniors Aaron Hill and David Mikhail placed 4th in Astronomy, seniors Nga Nguyen and Felicia Ko placed 4th in Chemistry Lab and seniors Brad Williams and Matt Mikhailov placed 4th in Circuit Lab.

Seniors Bindhu Hosuru and Felicia Ko placed 5th in Experimental Design. Huang and junior Amanda Duong placed 5th in Write It Do It.

Juniors Sai Hosuru and Trevor Matthews placed 1st in Designer Genes.

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