Column: Exploring the cultural and personal beauty of tattoos, part 1

Editors Column: Exploring the cultural and personal beauty of tattoos

Dorian Neighbors is the Arts & Entertainment editor for Ethic News.

March 2019


An innate desire lies within people to make themselves distinct from everyone else. Whether this is with a hairstyle or with any type of body modification, the process of changing one’s appearance has been ingrained in people’s desires since the start of mankind. This seemingly simple aspiration is what directly led to the process of not only body modifications but also the art of tattoos.

Different art styles have developed throughout history, including styles such as Native Indigenous tribes, Classic Japanese, and Traditional American. These styles developed into a variety of different expressions all with distinct meanings unique to each person.

The art of tattooing is so heavily ingrained into every single culture around the world that it becomes difficult to tell history without mentioning tattoos, or talk about tattoos without revealing some history.

Regardless of the art style or time period, the same idea remains: tattoos make a person whole. Tattoos do not always need to have a poetic meaning or a tragic backstory tied to them, simply admiring the art behind it is enough.

Regardless of backlash and hatred from those who do not understand the art, tattoos have withstood the test of time as it becomes more and more common to see people with tattoos. As a method of self-expression, the misfits of society band together through art in a unique sense of comradery that is entirely unparalleled.  

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