Column: Guess who? Highlighting kindness on campus, part 5

Editor’s Column: Guess who?

Mia Delmonico is the Features editor at Ethic News.


March 2019

Spring break is only two weeks away, and each and every student seems to be trying their best to make it through, as the workload seems to increasingly get more intense. Teachers try to cram in tests before the break, and the speed of the class seems to pick up because of this. Overall, it can be extremely overwhelming for some, or even most, students. Many have to manage time exceptionally well to complete all of the work, and several even have to balance this load with practices and multiple after-school activities. Through this struggle, many rely on their peers to make their days more enjoyable so that they can forget about the burden, even just for a little while. These students can make someone’s day in less than a minute with a friendly smile or even just a simple “hello” in the hall. Small gestures like these can have the greatest impact on other students on campus.

This certain student is particularly helpful and extremely thoughtful. He excels in all subject areas and is able to understand all of the information very clearly. Because of this, countless students are always asking this individual for help, whether it be in Spanish, math or physics. He could easily ignore their requests and continue to get ahead on his work, but he chooses not to. He makes the selfless choice to stop what he is doing and assist the other students in whatever it is that they need. Furthermore, he does all of this with a smile on his face and a patient attitude, which makes everyone he helps to feel as though they are not a burden.

Outside of class, this student’s kind personality is reflected upon anyone that crosses his path. Though he is quiet, he will always ask how someone’s day is going or how they are doing. He genuinely cares and always makes others feel included. He truly exhibits several qualities of not only a good friend and a good student, but also those of an all around good person.

Overall, this student is able to brighten other students’ days with his kindness, helpfulness, and patience. He truly depicts what it means to care about the people around him. Each and every student can help improve the lives of others, just like this individual. We just have to remember “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted…”

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