Redlands East Valley hosts second annual mental health fair


At Redlands East Valley High School, the second annual mental health fair is being held on Wednesday, Mar. 6,  by Colton Redlands Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program’s Minds Matter and mental health careers, to bring awareness to mental health.

According to CRY-ROP, the Minds Matter mental health program helps students to “explore mental and behavioral health through a variety of disciplines. They will define mental illness, differentiate between myths and truths about mental health and identify how the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system relate to physical, mental and emotional health …”

REV’s mental health program will be holding the fair from 10:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.. The fair will feature food, music, games, raffles, and prizes. At the fair, there will be many different types of booths regarding mental health ran by students and local programs in the Redlands community. Some student-run booths will be art therapy, positivity affirmations, social media pledges and “Knock em’ Down,” which is a booth where students can knock down pins representing a different mental health stigma through bowling.  

Other booths will be hosted by local programs in the Redlands community, including San Bernardino County Mental Health, Department of Behavioral Medicine Center, Spring to Autumn Family Counseling, University of Redlands: Alliance for Community Transformation & Wellness and South Coast Counseling Services.  Counselors from other schools will also be attending the fair, and will possibly expand mental health awareness to their own school campuses.

Along with the mental health fair, REV is holding their first ever mental health spirit week. On Monday, students can show support to those with depression by wearing blue. Tuesday, wearing orange will signify awareness of self-harm. Wednesday, students wearing yellow will be bringing awareness to suicide prevention. Students wearing purple on Thursday will display an awareness of anxiety and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Lastly, on Friday, students will be wearing green to promote mental health. In addition, in the Wildcats Gym during periods one through four, Dr. Mynda Ohs will be speaking on suicide prevention and mental health.

#REVStopsStigma represents the REV’s community stomping down on stigmas surrounding individuals with mental health.

Mrs. McClung, REV’s Mental Health teacher, stated, “The overall goal is to promote mental health on campus and to bring awareness to the stigmas that prevent individuals from receiving help.”

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