CV karaoke night helps students have fun for a good cause


Karaoke night was a time to sing, laugh and have fun with friends in a way that benefited the choir program. The profit made from the event will go to help the advanced choirs achieve their goals and go out of state for competitions. The event was held in the Citrus Valley black box theater and attracted a crowd of roughly 30 people. The event was a big success and everyone present seemed to enjoy themselves, so the choir teacher Ms. Anaya said that they hope to host one karaoke night a semester in the future.

Throughout the night, there were many memorable singers and performances. For example, CJ Windley sang  “Green Light” by Lorde with great enthusiasm, DW Hernandez performed a piece from the famous Broadway musical “Be More Chill” called “Michael in the Bathroom,” Olivia Rivera Reynoso portrayed a hilarious show of “Tequila” by Dan and Shay and Ms. Anaya put on an enjoyable show with “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia.

The night was a rewarding experience, giving the chance to get up in front of peers and have fun performing and singing songs we all know and love.

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