Guess who? Highlighting kindness on campus part 4

Editor’s Column: Guess who?

Mia Delmonico is the Features editor at Ethic News.


January 2019

Upon returning from winter break, students have to get readjusted to the hecticness of school once again. After three weeks off, the task of going to six periods a day can be overwhelming for a lot of high school students. The stress may seem as though it all comes rushing back at once and that all of a sudden there is an exceedingly large amount of responsibilities on our plates once more. Though this is very true, there are some members of the high school community that simply improve the environment and the attitudes of those around them. Students such as this can do this through great acts of kindness and optimism or small gestures that make immense impacts.

This particular student, though, exceeds all expectations with her elevated levels of kindness to all. She constantly has a smile on her face and is always bubbly and outgoing with an unfaltering positive attitude that is truly contagious to everyone around her. This student is always extremely friendly to all of her fellow Wildcats, whether she knows them or is unfamiliar with them. This student is absolutely a highlight to several other high schoolers’ days.

Furthermore, no matter what may be happening in her own life, she seems to have made it her goal to make the lives of others even just a little bit better. She truly understands what it means to be a kind and respectful individual to all. Each and every student can learn from her actions so that we too can help to better our fellow Wildcats’ days.

Overall, this student improves the lives of other students through her kind gestures, positive attitude, and a generous and respectful personality.  Everyone can be a little more like her. Remember, “There is always a reason to smile … You just have to find it.“

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