Citrus Valley’s spirit week and winter rally draw inspiration from Pixar themes


The decorations Citrus Valley had for their winter rally. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

Getting to dress up in a costume to come to school is not only reserved for Halloween, but it also means it is a spirit week! Citrus Valley high school celebrated their winter spirit week with the theme “Pixar Fest.” During this week, students were encouraged each day to represent a different theme from various Pixar movies.

On Monday, students were able to pick a side in a feud of cowboys versus aliens and dress accordingly. BOOM! POP! POW! Students tapped into their inner superheroes on Tuesday by dressing up as characters from “The Incredibles.” Some students even ventured out into other superhero universes, including Marvel. Wednesday’s emotions ran high as the day revolved around the Pixar movie “Inside Out,” which had students wear colors that corresponded with emotions, such as yellow for joy, blue for sadness, red for anger etc. Seeing animated characters like Sadness, Ellie, Carl, and Woody was a regular sight on Thursday since the theme involved dressing as your favorite Pixar character. Friday was the only day that varied from the original theme of Pixar. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors were asked to wear black and gold, the school colors, while the seniors wore white. Although the students might not have dressed Pixar-themed on Friday, Citrus held a Pixar themed rally between fourth period and lunch.

“Overall I liked all of the spirit days. It was fun because I got to make fun of my friends while they did the same… 10/10,” stated Arvin Mann, a freshman at Citrus Valley.

The rally included many different games based off of different things involving the Pixar universe. This included a teacher versus students face-off, where famous quotes from several Pixar movies, including “Brave,” “The Incredibles” and “Finding Nemo,” were partly stated, and the objective was for someone to run, grab the doll and finish the quote. The students won every round and, therefore, won the whole game. At the beginning of the rally, a game inspired by “Toy Story” was played, which involved one student from each grade battling to throw two hula hoops on a toy horse after being spun around.

Comedy sportz doing one of their routines for the rally in which they answer audience questions. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

Additionally, there were performances by the Citrus Valley advance women’s choir, with their theatrical performance of “Singing in the Rain,” and varsity comedy sportz, which did a game called Oracle. Junior varsity and varsity cheerleaders also had performances filled with lifts, flips, and tricks. Closing the rally, the captains of the Citrus sports teams were brought to the middle of the gymnasium floor and led the school in the singing of the school Alma Mater.  

Varsity cheer’s final build for their rally performance. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

“My favorite part of the rally was the sophomores and seniors trying to compete to see who was louder, and me being a sophomore, I believe we were way louder,” stated Star Carillo, a sophomore at Citrus Valley.

The senior section celebrating with confetti during the ending chants of the rally.

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