Fiji water lady steals the show


Regina King might have won best supporting actress and Rami Malek may have snagged best actor in a drama, but the girl who really stole the show at the 76th annual Golden Globes was a brunette caterer. As millions of people around the nation watched the Golden Globes, there were many celebrities that people were talking about, such as the hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg. But one individual that viewers are going crazy over is the “Fiji Water Lady.”

The Los Angeles-based model, Kelleth Cuthbert, stole the show despite the fact that she was only hired to hand out Fiji water and promote the brand on the red carpet. As she carried her tray and passed out water, Cuthbert stood confidently as she strategically photobombed some of the biggest film stars. After getting the attention of viewers, her comedic stunts are blowing up and are possibly the first meme of 2019.

Jamie Lee Curtis posing for a photo on the red carpet while she is being photobombed by Kelleth Cuthbert  (Courtesy of Fox News)
Elba family pausing for a photo on the red carpet while attending the Golden Globes (Courtesy of CNET) 

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