The government shutdown continues as it becomes the longest in history


The government has been shut down for more than three weeks now, with the remission having started on Dec. 22.

According to Politico, 4,836 federal employees living in D.C. have decided to apply to receive the unemployment benefits since the shutdown started. Many agencies were affected by the government pause, such as the IRS, FDA and state transportation. The agencies decided to plan a rally, so they can call for an end to the shutdown.

On the 18th day of the shutdown, President Donald Trump spoke out about the actions he is willing to take to end the partial government pause. On Jan. 8, President Trump discussed that the nation needs the border wall, and in his statement he was adamant to secure funding for the barrier.

(RICARDO RAMOS/ Ethic Infographic)

Democratic US speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, argued against Trump’s speech. They stated that President Trump is not doing much to end the shutdown, and the solution will not come easily or quickly.  The shutdown has shown that more people are upset with Trump and the Republicans. According to Fortune, about 69% of Americans feel the wall should not be established and is not a top priority.

The effects of the shutdown have slowed down the economy.  National parks and museums are not allowed to collect fees, so no revenue is being produced. The presidential staff is trying to assure that tax refunds will not be delayed by the recent events. The shutdown has not only caused political trouble, but many investigations are on a complete pause until the shutdown is over. The government remission occurred because President Trump insists that the wall needs to be a priority and be built, but some citizens are opposed to this and feel that the funds could be used for education, construction or the military.

President Trump decided not to declare a national emergency in the southern border due to current affairs. The shutdown has affected congress and many federal agents in the nation and is now the longest in history.


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