Augie’s shakes things up


Outside of Augies Coffee shop in the Packinghouse District on Euraka Street in Redlands, California (ELLA FITZPATRICK/ Ethic Photo)

Augie’s, the popular downtown coffee shop, operated from their original Redlands location at the red-brick building on North 5th Street for 10 years. Augie’s is the place in the community where people would gather to study, drink coffee and socialize. Loyal customers were disappointed when they found out in May of 2018 that Augie’s would be moving out of the red-brick building.  

When Augie’s was notified that they had to move locations with a short window of time, they found a perfect spot on 300 East State Street, just a couple blocks east from their original location.

The new location has a very calming environment with very stylish decor and many desks for students to study inside and seating outside among fresh greenery. It “warmed our hearts to see so many people drinking Augie’s coffee and enjoying the spaces that we try so hard to make enjoyable,” Augies Coffee posted in an instagram comment.

Augie’s expressed being grateful to receive the love and support of its patrons over the last 10 years via Instagram posts. Even while Augie’s was finding a new location, they had help from their customers, who set up a gofundme page to help the baristas when the old Augie’s location had closed.

Augie’s continues to thrive with loyal customers, as it states in another Instagram post, “Augie’s is a community of people. It’s not a red building, it’s you and I.”  

Augies quaint interior with new artwork. (ELLA FITZPATRICK/ Ethic Photo)

With Augie’s out of the red brick building, it has been replaced with a new business called the Back Alley, which provides a bar, entertainment, food, live music and coffee.

On Oct. 1, Augie’s Coffee Roasters announced the opening of another new location in the Redlands Packing House District, adding on to the expansion of their business into other surrounding cities, including Riverside, Temecula and Claremont.  The shop keeps the stylish and aesthetic vibe that the rest of the shops do, and includes lots of seating space. A black-and-white mural of bees and flowers inside the shop makes this location unique.

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