Guess who? Highlighting kindness on campus part 3

Editor’s Column: Guess who?

Mia Delmonico is the Features editor at Ethic News.


January 2019

By this point in the year, it seems that almost every student is celebrating. We have made it through finals week and can, at last, take the much-needed break that we all have been desperately awaiting. Winter break is finally here and escape from the hectic everyday school-life is ultimately granted. With strenuous effort, along with hard work and dedication, students were able to power through the rough patch between Thanksgiving break and now, which is often considered one of the most difficult times of the school year. In many cases, students relied on their determination, along with the encouragement and kindness of their peers, to endure the struggles during that time.

There are many students who contribute to the kindness and encouragement that is spread around campus. This certain individual, though, has made an immensely positive impact on their fellow Wildcats. He always has a smile in his face no matter what the circumstances are. This student also shares great acts of kindness with everyone and is very friendly to those that he may not even know. For example, if someone is walking by he will always acknowledge them and smile. Sometimes he may even greet them with a friendly hello as well. Small acts such as these may help someone by just simply making them smile, maybe when they need it the most.

In addition to uplifting gestures such as these, this student also is never afraid to speak his mind. He expresses his ideas and views freely and most often makes a positive impact by sharing them. Also, he always seems to brighten others’ days by just simply being himself. He is always positive despite what is happening in his own life. He is extremely considerate and willing to put others before himself.

Overall, it is small acts such as these that can make the most impact on high schoolers’ lives. Sometimes all it takes to help someone make it through the week or even just the day is a simple smile, laugh or even acknowledgment. As Aesop would say, “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

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