Frugal Frigate is not your average bookstore


The Frugal Frigate is located on North 6th Street in Redlands, California. (EMILY WALOS/ Ethic photo)

In the United States, there are only 2,321 privately owned children’s bookstores; luckily for the residents of Redlands, one of those stores can be found in the heart of downtown. Tucked just off of State Street, you will find a small bookstore called Frugal Frigate.

With an old-fashioned feel, children are taken back to the past and are able to pick out books of their choosing, ranging from bedtime stories to beginner novels. Frugal Frigate is an excellent place to go to get a new pastime for the little one in your life.

A nook is available on the first floor for children to read. (MIA ARANDA/ Ethic photo)

Children love story time and, fortunately, every Saturday for the past 30 years the children’s bookstore has had story time for kids at 10:30 a.m.. From time to time during the storytelling, the store provides the little guests with cookies; there is also the occasional guest reader. The best thing is this is all at no charge.

Comfortable chairs on a second story loft offer a view of much of the store. (MIA ARANDA/ Ethic photo)

When reading that perfect book, it is always nice to have something to snuggle up with. At Frugal Frigate, you can create a best friend to read with on the second level. Up the old-fashioned staircase, you will find a loft that is filled with stuffed animal skins. Your little one can choose their stuffed animal’s skin, and then proceed to add stuffing and clothing to bring them to life.    

A “One Cool Friend” stuffed animal workshop is available on store’s second level. The goal of “One Cool Friend” is to encourage imagination and play. (MIA ARANDA/ Ethic photo).

The Frugal Frigate also allows you to get your favorite book signed by the author. At this bookstore, they connect world-renowned and local authors with the children of the Redlands area. Bringing in writers like Jeff Kinney, creator of the famed children’s series Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which has sold 164 million copies in 90 countries, has given kids who go to Frugal Frigate extraordinary opportunities.  

“The name Frugal Frigate comes from an Emily Dickinson poem talking about a book being an inexpensive journey that can take you anywhere you want to go,” commented Scott Winn.  

Reading is a remarkable tool and the next time you see your little one bored or wanting a book stop by Frugal Frigate. By doing this, you will be supporting a local business and, most importantly, allowing your child’s imagination to run wild.  

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